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To The Edge And Back

So I wanted to write about something else personal to me.

For most who know me, they will have known that for the last 10 years or so, I have been straight edge.
For people who don't know what that means, basically straight edge is a practice originally started by the hardcore punk scene that sees purveyors abstain from drinking, smoking or drug use, in its most basic form.

I was straight edge for quite a long time, up until recently, when I decided to break my edge and partake in alcohol.
It has not been something I've taken lightly, I'd built a large chunk of my adult life on being straight edge and living clean.

I realised just recently though that you can remain who you want to be, regardless of whether you subscribe to a lifestyle or not.
Personally I was never the biggest drinker and probably never will be, truth is though that you do miss out on many social interactions and experiences by somewhat standing on the sidelines.
My brother was particularly helpful, asking why I felt the need to be defined by a title.. If i chose not to drink for a year but then wanted a beer, why should I deny what i want simply to be a title? I still respect the people representing the straight edge life style, the people that have reason to, or have chosen to, I will never knock their choices.
The road here has not been easy, I weighed up both sides before making a choice I felt happy with, to most people it doesn't seem a big deal but when you stick to something for a third of your life it requires dedication.. a dedication I no longer have to it.

I'd never judged people that did drink or ever preached my views, I think over time my mindframe has altered and although I may choose to partake now, I do not regret my years without, it was right for me at that time.
I am long overdue for a drink with many of you.. perhaps over the summer we can remedy that, there is certainly 1 or 2 names on my list to get a little tipsy with, but I'm sure they know who they are.
Its funny how time and situations can change your view point, I see this as a small evolution in me, and am keeping an open mind as to how it will go.

I am, and will forever be, the same me I have always been. In the grand scheme of things, this changes nothing, but to me is a huge change.
I wanted to address the subject not because I felt the need to justify my choices, simply to state my thoughts about it.


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