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[Caught Live] Different People @ New Cross Inn 06/04/17

The first of my new live reviews begins down in New Cross, London.
Essex based rock band Different People are playing tonight and I intended to tell you all how they did.
Firstly let me say that Different People aren't just a rock band, they play music that is rocky sure, but its a lazy classification. They blend rock with a punk spirit, heavier moments akin to the early 90's grunge scene and with massive soaring melodies, so in a word they traverse genres.
The band, who are playing their first proper gig with this new line up, take to the stage and without hesitation delve straight into their opening song and the crowd are sucked in immediately.
Frontman Matthew switches his vocals from strong and melodius to harsh and screams and shouts blending the latter effortlessly into the bands mixed repertoire.
The band are incredibly tight across the board, killer riffs, strong basslines and pounding drums. The stand out moments come in the form of forthcoming single 'Best Before, Used By' which encapsulates a huge anthemic chorus that grabs you by the throat and shakes you and will not let go, and amazing set closer 'Tango' which this reviewer personally wants to hear again, a multi-layered beast of a set closer that is the perfect end to a killer set.
If i had one gripe about this set, the only thing would be i dont think they got long enough to play! Most bands go through an awkward phase with line up changes, Different People however have used this rebirth to light a fire under them. Much to their credit.
The band made a suitable impression and I for one will be at future shows enjoying the energy and fantastic music they create. The band have been impressive on this show and i can only see better and bigger things occuring, i urge anyone to check them out, like their pages and keep an eye on what comes next.
The band are gearing up to drop their new music video 'Best Before, Used By' shortly through Backwater Channel Records.
This band are built and designed for bigger things so I suggest you catch them live locally whilst you can.
They currently will be playing at:
The Attic/The Forum, Hertfordshire on 27th April and Fiddlers Elbow on 14th May.

Links to check out:
Twitter: @DifferentPeeps
Youtube: DifferentPeopleBand
Youtube: BackwaterChannelRecords


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